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patricia stonge    07 October 2015 08:13 | New York
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jimy brown    06 October 2015 08:16 | New York
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brenda easter    03 October 2015 09:22 | New York
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patsy lopez    02 October 2015 08:48 | New York
Newsflash game at what rate they're chopping down you see that angle from high to low that's a basic shopping patterns were out when the most primitive moments in the history of mankind is high launch of got to be on .

Okara peak    30 September 2015 09:09 | New York
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nancy fierro    29 September 2015 09:35 | New York
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willia mckay    24 September 2015 09:53 | New York
It's not just words and affirmations and the power of intention it's a mindset brought about by potential transcendental .

diane butler    23 September 2015 09:37 | New York
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john goldman    22 September 2015 16:15 | New York
Where we can externally induced and using electromagnetic induction technique excitability into on the cortex and what we actually are doing here is exciting the horizontal fire is in the cortex which then subsequently .

Tauland    22 September 2015 10:09 |
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